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SLB Original Magnet: : 6-pack (choose color mix)

SLB Original Magnet: : 6-pack (choose color mix)

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The original Strong Like Bull Magnet. Super strong , super cool, custom machined magnet assemblies for your whiteboard, file cabinet, locker, refrigerator, etc.

While the plain neodymium cube magnets are strong, they have 3 big problems:

  1. They are slick making them hard to grasp... so they are hard to remove.
  2. Being purely magnets, they attract from all directions, and are a bit tricky when they get close to each other as they want to 'snap together'. 
  3. They are somewhat brittle and often chip and crack when they snap to the surface or to each other.

Strong Like Bull Magnets are purpose built, over the top magnet assemblies.... 

The design starts with a substantial Neodymium Iron Boron disc magnet... These 'rare earth' magnets are the strongest type of magnets around... and we use the N52 grade, the highest strength grade available.

Next the magnet is coupled to an engineered steel 'cup' which acts to direct the magnetic flux in a way which further increases the magnetic pull strength. The cup also 'shields' the magnetic force of all of the surfaces except the mounting surface, making them much safer to handle than an unshielded magnet.

The magnet/cup assembly screws to a custom CNC machined aluminum housing part which is anodized for durability and color

Lastly, a rubber ring is added to further enhance the grip.

A Strong Like Bull magnet has a rated direct contact pull strength of over 20 lbs!

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